Broxbourne Physiotherapy Clinic

Treatment available at Broxbourne Sports Club!

A message from Robert Alexander:

From Monday 24th August physiotherapy services will resume at Broxbourne Sports Club. I hope you’ve remained fit and well during this prolonged period of restrictions and should you have any aches and pains that require attention please call 01992 478998.

We have Covid-19 restrictions in place to enable all our patients’ health and safety. Please see below. 

Covid 19 practice for physiotherapy treatment at Broxbourne Sports Club

  • Please call 01992 478998 for a discussion over the phone to see if face-to-face treatment is appropriate.
  • If face-to-face treatment is appropriate, an appointment time will be mutually arranged. Please don’t turn up more than 5 mins prior to this appointment time.
  • Facemasks are recommended. However, there may be situations during treatment in which you may find them claustrophobic and will be allowed to remove them.
  • You will be met in the Foyer of the sports club and taken to the treatment room. Toilets are currently available but limited to one at a time. Please use the hand sanitizer provided in the foyer.
  • Prior to the treatment session you will be asked to complete a covid screening sheet and questioned about your particular problem (initial assessment). This will be followed with a brief explanation of what the problem is and a planned treatment.
  • If you are returning for a follow up appointment, you will be asked to sign a sheet to say you have not experienced any Covid 19 signs and symptoms.
  • Once the treatment has finished a follow-up appointment will be made and you will be taken back to the foyer. Please use the sanitizing gel on exit.

Cleaning guidance between each patient

  • Clean common door handles with disinfectant / antibacterial products.
  • Clean any security keypads on doors.
  • Clean all hard surface areas within treatment areas with disinfectant / antibacterial products.
  • Provide hand sanitizer to patients upon entry to the treatment room.
  • Use disposable paper towels after washing hands.
  • Always use single use, disposable couch roll.
  • Always change couch coverings and polo shirts between patients.
  • Clean couch and other surfaces with disinfectant / antibacterial products between patients.
  • Wash hands before and after each patient using hot water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Keep a cleaning log to record all cleaning activity.
  • Disposable plastic aprons and masks are used in appropriate situations.

A list of all clients and their telephone numbers will be provided to the BSC office after each treatment session at the club for contact tracing purposes.


• Over 25 years’ experience
• Qualified in physiotherapy and sports science
• Ample parking nearby
• Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, the Health Professions Council and the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in
Private Practice

Broxbourne Physiotherapy Clinic is a well established practice, providing professional treatments for patients suffering from sporting injuries, joint pain, work related problems, sciatica, whiplash and many more musculoskeletal problems
• Neck & back pain
• Whiplash injuries
• Sports injuries
• Work related pain
• Pre & post pregnancy pain
• Headaches
• Sciatica
• Soft tissue injuries
• Joint pains
• Post operation rehab

01992 478 998


My name is Robert Alexander and I’m the new physiotherapist working at the sports club. I thought I’d present to you a little information about myself, and what I can do to help the members of the club.


I was born in Broxbourne and attended the local JMI school. My parents moved to Ware where I continued my education at Christ Church JMI and then on to Richard Hale. Due to my sport I continued my education at Arizona State University where I studied Sports Science. I had the pleasure of working with Dan Landers, editor of “The American Journal of Sports Psychology” and Christine Wells who has done considerable research with women in sport. After my degree I remained in Arizona and worked at a physiotherapy clinic helping to run the exercise-testing program offered. On returning to the UK after six years, I started my physiotherapy degree at Salford University, a shock to the system after the experience that Arizona offered. Since completing my degree I have worked at The QEII, The Rivers and Princess Alexandra hospitals. Before setting up the practice in Broxbourne, I spent the final 4 years in the NHS working as an “Extended scope practitioner” working closely with the Spinal surgeon.


I have a keen interest in sport, both participation and watching. Swimming was my first sport in which I dedicated a significant amount of time to. I learnt to swim at Broxbourne School pool and the Spinny in Hoddesdon, sadly, both now closed. My competitive career started with Ware SC and then continued at Hatfield when I achieved a place on the county swim team. It was my swimming that took me to Arizona State University. Upon returning to the UK and starting my physiotherapy studies I took up rowing. Since then I have been an active member of Broxbourne rowing club, having success at Henley Royal regatta, Henley Masters regatta, National Masters, European and World Masters competitions. In recent years, I have enjoyed the challenges of numerous open water swimming competitions, and sprint triathlons. I would like to try a sensible triathlon distance, but find it difficult to get the training in.

Stay healthy