Padel Coaching

Davide Sorcinelli is the Game 4 Padel coach at Broxbourne.

Group coaching is available on Mondays and Fridays for adults at 3 levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You are encouraged to think carefully below about which level is right for you. Guidance is available via this link:

If you have any questions about the coaching groups and levels, please contact Davide direct (details below) for advice.

The cost of an hour’s group lesson is £14 for non members and £12 for members. However members can get a further discount on the cost of coaching by buying a “Coaching Wallet” which costs £60. This gives 72 credits (each credit is worth £1), meaning that by buying a wallet and booking 6 lessons it will cost £10 for an hour’s lesson.

Once you have bought your wallet, you can then book the sessions individually via the Activities section on the MATCHi website or app using your wallet instead of your card to pay.

You can find the course times and the coaching wallet via this link:

Should lessons be cancelled, e.g. due to weather, then your wallet will be refunded so you can book another session.

On Friday evenings from 8th September Davide will be running the popular Americano tournaments for up to 10 players. Places can be booked via the link above or on the MATCHi app.

Davide can also provide private lessons for individuals or small groups – please contact him direct to arrange.

Telephone:  07519 621663 (text preferred)                Email: