100 Club

Buy one number for just £5 a month and you could win a tax-free cash prize of up to £500!


you will be contributing to the club’s funds and therefore our facilities.

Click on the link below to download the application form. Printed copies are available from the bar.

100 Club Application and Standing Order Form

We will be listing the winners each month here and you can also join in by emailing the office for details on how to purchase your ticket here:

2018 Winners to date:

January £100 L Booles
£50 Mrs Crane
February £100 S Dray
£50 M Morrison
March £500 D Stone
£100 A Peck
April £100 A Thomas
£50 K Hayward
May £100 A Peck
£50 J Marshall
June £500 R House
£100 R Watkins
July £100 J Lewis
£50 R Grove
August £100 A Thurley
£50 D Henley
September £500 K Braithwaite
£100 Mrs Crane
October £100 S Hyde
£50 B Starling
November £100 K Harvey
£50 J S Edwards