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After close consultation we have placed the following guidelines in place for the courts at Broxbourne Sports Club.

From Monday 27th July the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • All courts will have staggered play times available. Courts 2 and 4 will be available to book with courts 1, 3 and 5 closed. This will then switch whilst 2 and 4 can rest for an hour. This will continue throughout the day.
  • Court bookings for week commencing 27th July can be booked from Monday 20th July. The booking machine is unavailable until further notice – all bookings must be made online.
  • Come ready to play – changing rooms and shower facilities are out of bounds until further notice.
  • The main corridor will be one way only. Players to enter from main entrance and leave fire fire door immediately after each game. No loitering in the corridor, discussing how well you played, will NOT be tolerated.
    Bring your own water bottle and towel – these cannot be shared.
  • All courts and toilets have been cleaned and sanitised – please do not wipe your hands on the walls of the courts. Hand sanitiser is available.
  • Members only – no guests at this time.
    If playing with people from different households – Side Wall Games or Routines only.
    If playing with people from same household – Full games may be played.
    Solo sessions can be booked at a cost of £9.00. (If you then send Teresa a list of your solo sessions, a £3.00 credit will be added to your fob).
    Please find below some ideas from Off The Wall Squash.
  • Windows on the balcony to be open at all times for air circulation and fire exit to remain open.

If you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling unwell please remain at home.


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